Friday, February 26, 2010

Green Boat -sold

What gracefull lines this old boat has. I did the entire thing with the knife. I like this loose style better than the tighter things I've been doing lately.I'm happy with it as it is.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Started this a few days ago .. I was going to use only a knife but decided to go at it with a brush today.  I think it's done. Acrylic on linen 20x17.5

Apple and Orange

Acrylic on linen 21x17. This and the other fruit still lifes posted below were accepted and hung in the Riversea Gallery in Astoria Oregon this week. They range from $700 to $900.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dock Sunrise SOLD

Aprox. 16x26. I painted this in January and have it and 5 older seascapes hanging  at 'The Modern Villa Gallery' in Cannon Beach Oregon.

Green Apple

this is about as traditional as I get. 17.5x15.25 acrylic on linen.


15.75x14.75  the original is better than this. It was a bad photo of a nice painting.


26x18.5  I thought this got a little too glowing but hated to paint the glow out.


this is one of my favorites. I was was pretty pleased with myself. 15x19 acrylic on linen.

Blue Cup

20x14.5 acrylic on linen.

3 Pears

Getting off into traditional.17.5x15 acrylic on linen.

Cherries Reflected

15 3/4x 14 3/4.Hard to get that deep red.

Lemon Stripes

I liked this one.Added a couple shadows later.

Peaches by the Bushel

I like these colors. the style is a little loose.I went back later andchanged the color of the handle and aded a shadow.

Lemon Sunlight

these next 10 or so paintings are all acrylic on linen.They are pretty small for me about 15x15 to 20 x30.


I thought I should start using this as a way to get some exposure for works that I don't have on my website. I'll try to post new paintings as they come out of the studio.This one is called 'Green Plate'

The Studio

This is where I do almost all of my work. It's a nice space right next to our home. A bit cold in winter with just an old woodstove for heat.Our poor old hound pictured here is no longer around to keep me company. Old age got him.