Wednesday, April 10, 2013


24x18" oil on cradled panel
Another from the city streets series I was doing the last few weeks. Heavy impasto, palette knife and sgraffito define this approach. I have one more which I'll post tomorrow .....maybe... if I remember. That brings me to a subject I should say something about. I have begun to feel like a slave to the blog thing in the last several months. In the beginning, I tried hard to make a stab at posting new work every day for a couple years- and, I'll admit, it was mostly to try to sell daily paintings as I'd seen so many other painters doing. But that is a hard thing to keep up unless you ONLY paint small 6x6"-6x8" works. I don't produce a little daily painting  everyday so  it is impossible to post every day unless I show works in progress. I'm not that enthused about shooting a photo at the end of every day and loading it onto the computer just to keep the blog 'new'. I don't think anyone is all that interested in seeing my 'in progress' shots anyhow. So, I've been concentrating on  full sized paintings again which is what I did for most of my painting career until the daily painting thing got hold of me.
So- if I neglect to post, it's not that I'm not working, it's only because I'm freeing myself from the 'Have To' feeling associated with small daily paintings. Unlike some daily painters, I have not made enough money from sales of tiny daily works to justify spending all my time on them. So there you have it... my grumpy rant for today. Hope it was entertaining or at least enlightening.


  1. Not a grumpy rant at all, Brian! I can relate, and I bet the majority of "daily painters" can or WILL have these same thoughts. Feeling like we have to knock out a painting for the blog is a real detriment to meaningful work. I think our best work comes when we paint with LOVE for what we are doing. Those are my thoughts, for what it's worth. I'm just finding my way like you are, and will continue to enjoy your posts when they come.

  2. ha ha! Karen. I had you in the back of my mind when I was ranting! Seems to me you voiced a similar opinion on your blog not too long ago. Pressure seems to be a detriment to my process whether it's financial or a deadline or whatever. I've been more productive since I let the blog take a backseat to the painting. I will admit the blog has been primarily a vehicle to sell. But selling large format works just doesn't happen on the blog. I had hoped to make a nice steady income from the little ones but now I see it is way too much time and energy for very little return. Maybe I'll do some little ones again - but for now I'm working large scale. Thanks for your thoughts Karen. Paint on!